Monday, February 06, 2006

hm Posted by Picasa Alittle too. . . crazy. Insane! I look insane.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Updating links

OOh, this is so easy! I messed with html codes and it worked! Either I've finally gotten a clue, or this "Hello" blogger system explains things in human better than most. OK, now I have a link to Our website, so I need to update that, and, i need to link to my photoworks collection. I'm so proud of myself!

Friday, February 03, 2006

So, I've completed week 2 as a "pera" and I've learned alot of things, and I'm tired. We just got back from I-Hop, were I finally got to go with the girls and Kevin for kids eat Free Friday. Kevins been taking them alot this month as I've had grown up things to do. Now we are going to watch Millions, as it is supposed to be funny and uplifting, (hopefully there will be no sobbing tonight). Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cuban Veranda

The Latest Mural Posted by Picasa
Ooh, almost forgot to post this one! (How can you forget a 15 by 12 foot, 2 week mural!) It's big, and I mostly like it. Next time, I'm going to think small.

Sob Story.

Caitlin sobbed and sobbed tonight at the "Air Bud" movie we rented from the library! She's never taken a movie that seriously before. (The part were the boy is trying to make the dog go away so that the bad guys won't be able to get him.) She's still crying, even after the happy reunion, and the game winning return of the dog. Too cute.

OK, stories and pictures in order from now on. Here we go.

Pony Girl

Pony Girl Posted by Picasa
Abi still loves Ponys. "I ponies" used to mean I love in Abi talk. Here's her relatively small collection of bath time ponies.

The Best Kick in TaeKwonDo

Caitlin demonstrates Posted by Picasa
Caity's still loving Tiny Tigers. Next week she tests for her purple belt! Last tournaments "5 foot" trophe on the right.

OOOH! Candy Posted by Picasa


Hammond Candy Tour Posted by Picasa

Power Rangers Posted by Picasa

From Denver Botanic Gardens

bench wreath Posted by Picasa
These are out of order, but I guess they won't be in the future. Trip to the Botanic Gardens back in December 2005 - I had a long break between bus driving and starting my PARA (Teachers Aid) Position in January. Beautiful day, the kids had a blast.

Garden Girls Posted by Picasa

Goofies Posted by Picasa
Good Evening, shall we begin? I'm way too busy to be learning and keeping up with a blog, but, that may be why it's somehow strangely inticing. Income taxes? Bedtime? They can just wait. Pardon the cutesie title, but . . . I don't know. As I've said before, there's nothing cool about being a housewife, or a mom, or a bus driver (at the time). It's actually quite freeing! OK. Now I'm hitting the preview button, and we're alive.