Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Oh man, I think I sat on a Payday!" - Cheech? or was it Chong?

How do I know how to do this?  I have a vague memory of trying to save a Cheech and Chong tape in my youth - or did we just take it apart to see what made it tick?  In any event - I saved the day!  The 1974 tape (as predicted) broke and I got to use my SKILLS.  Fixed and saved for . . . . we'll, probably just for me. But Aunties Fran and Jan, Unk Bob will certainly give it a listen at least once.

One More Time... but much LOUDER!

Grr - can't find an old picture to match - so here's one of Dad singing.

I'm re-recording 2 cassette tapes made in 1973, 1974 by WB Gillis Jr and Unk Bob Gillis - sent to Rob Chaz Schroeder.  Bobbi Balek (Schroeder) found them while going through her dad's things, and sent them back to mom (Roberta Gillis (Schepar)) - who I just heard signing  something like the "I'm my own grandpa song".  I wish the audio was better, but it's a labor of love.  It wasn't very good to begin with (no reflection on the musicians) - and half the fun is hearing the laughter/ conversations going on in the background.  Stirring up memories.  OK - sshhh - 45 minutes to go.  I hope they do Irene Goodnight again.  That seems to be the one everybody knows the words too!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Purging, Purging, Purging! Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Hello! Look - I have a blog!
So spring break is almost over, I've almost finished my utility room purge (which was 1/10 of my to do list, but - I'm only human, and that's just gonna have to be good enough).

The kids had a blast playing with friends and neighbors, I spent time with friends and family - it was a wonderful break!

I feel tanned, rested and ready to start back to work tomorrow.
Spring break.
I highly recommend it.

(OK, I am secretly hoping for a somehow someway snow day tomorrow - I even washed my car in an attempt to trigger one!)