Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WARNING - negativity burst

Hold on, it's wordless wednesday. Why not save my pissing and moaning for another time.
So do over.


Monday, May 25, 2009

What a relaxing weekend

By the way, that count down should read . . . 18 - but ssshhhh! Don't tell my kids.

So today the girls went to the pool, Caitlin got her Sticker of Freedom, her Official License to Tweendom, her blue daisy "I can go to the pool by myself" pass! I'm just thinking - leverage. I love it when they want stuff really bad. I can make them do all sorts of horrible things and tell them they can't even whine about it!

But honestly, Parkview may be ready for her to go to the pool by herself, but I don't think I am.

Today continued;
And, she won 3rd place in the floaty race (she got 3 nerd ropes for that!) They played wizard 101, rode their bikes, cleaned rooms, had the grandparents over, played the piano, played wii, pulled some weeds with mom, raced the old folks to the corner on their bikes, . . . lets just say it was a good day if you were a kid. Heck, sleep over, swimming, dinner group, playdate, barbecue, turned down sleepover (Cat knows when to say when better than I do), swimming, bike riding, etc.
Good weekend if your a kid.
Actually, it was pretty good from the parent angle too.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

"We ain't brothers, we ain't partners, and we aint' friends"

So I got a little "you are not my colleague, you are a PARA" -type slapdown 2 times from this woman! Fortunately for me someone witnessed it, and confirmed for me - we all think she's Bi-polar, and so and so is throwing a Margaretta party at the end of the year celebrating her leaving. And then I worked in the room down the hall with another veteran lady, and by the end of the day I was able to remember that it doesn't have to be negative. It can be positive.

But, the larger lesson here I think is that I'm going to continue to have to work with all sorts of adimantly sure of themselves poopoo-heads, and I'd better hang on for the ride.

"We ain't brothers, we ain't partners, and we aint' friends!" - Reggie, 48hours

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bee Project

"Mom, remember, it's MY project, so you have to back off." - Abi D.

And Dodi - you're right! I didn't realize what a serious drought the blog business is experiencing!

They'll be back, surely they'll be back.

Kindergarten Observation

So the last 4 WOW's of the year (wonder of the week) are:
slow boy #1, activeboy #1, activeboy#2, and special boy #1.
Mrs. Shnackenberg reincarnated? (She was my kindergarten teacher and apparently recommended almost all of the boys have psychiatric evaluations, not to mention several other horror stories should you ask the right person.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There ought to be a law

There ought to be a law! Say you are Dairy Queen, and you sell ice cream. You only have 2 flavors. Chocolate and vanilla. If the chocolate machine is down, there should be some kind of customer alert system that would prevent moms who have promised their child with her brand new mouth full of metal fresh from the orthodontists office, an ice cream cone. Because that mom has probably 3 or 4 appointments to keep on any given Tuesday afternoon, and only has the one shot at getting the ice cream cone without making someone late to something. It's not like you can get dutch chocolate, or rocky road, or chocolate chocolate chip instead at dairy queen. Oh no. So I'd missed my chance to get home for the usual semi-nutritious snack, and we were stuck with syrupy coke, still owing them an ice cream cone. Thanks alot Dairy Queen.

A little while later, as we're off to Piano, Abi tells me - I think I'll stay here, I have alot of stuff to get done. (She's 7.) Before you slap me with the permanent bad mom sticker, let me just say that they both take there personal responsibility very seriously, and they have both proven themselves to be very trustworthy and conscientious - and I'm 3 minutes away, gone for 6 total. Still later, Abi has done her homework and is busily in the kitchen cleaning the kitchen and putting the dishes away. I comment, boy you must really want that ice cream cone for desert (same ice cream cone as promised earlier by the way) . Nope, I'm doing it for the money! (A new allowance scheme I'm trying.)

Oh - and thank you Dodi for the count down widget - I stole it. In Colleen time, that clock would read - 25. (That's the number of actual school days, weekends and holidays don't count, PLUS, it makes for a much smaller number.)