Sunday, June 20, 2010


So my chipper little facebook post said " happy fathers day", but I wanted to say: Happy Fathers day and I will probalby end up blubbering all day long. Sorry Kevin.

My mom is coming over today. Kevin is working and dad resently passed away. So obviously we will be making cookies and going shopping.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Observations While Camping

Camping - Ridgway Colorado is a beauitful Colorado State Park. This is the view from walk in tent site 153, and those are the San Juan Mountains Back there.

Timing - Don't go camping the week after your fathers funeral if he was an avid hiker/skier/camper, unless you plan to spend the whole time on a private emotional roller coaster ride and you have an understanding spouse and family.

Tents - why again? Camper, Cabin's, condo's, YURTS! These are the words we need to embrace.
Childhood - It's alot more fun to be the kid camper than the adult camper.
Telluride - How sad that your beautiful little city has become an overpriced tourist trap.
Silverton - I hope you can stay a beautiful little city and escape your probable touristy fate.
Lilly - Lilly is a good little camper (dog). She just needs to lean alittle more to the neighborly not guard doggily side.
The Girls - need to get out of the subburbs more often!
Kevin - Is a great guy I don't appreciate enough. He is also in annoyingly good shape, and us 3 girls (4 counting Lilly) could stand to take it up a notch.
That's all for now - I'm doing my Research project: Facebook post about the fabulousness of the table of contents template. Going over to moms again tomorrow. It's good that it's summertime.