Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When you think you've seen it all - here comes DAD

Kindergarten graduation today (not mine, but the kiddo I work with) - lots of crazy parents taking a bazillion pictures, and one fella made me do a double take.
He's got one of these gizmo's on his head, has another video camera in his hand, the digital camera is around his neck and a fanny pack with additional gear in it. It was funny, and I'm sure he'll still be doing it to the poor kid at every major event including prom night 10 years from now.
Then, I was going to blog about my parking lot incident. (Dove tailing nicely with the crazy dad-cam I thought.) Knowing full well that she's probably normally a perfectly nice gal, with a blog too, and she's probably ranting about me right now. So, instead I'm embracing my new "Let It Go!" philosophy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There were Park Benches FLYING EVERYWHERE!

REALLY! Well, that park benches thing was the most interesting thing I said, so that is what made the news. And sorry, I can't find it on channel 31, so my 5 seconds of fame is fading fast.
OK – so here’s my tornado story! Ready? Wait for it. . . . GO!
I was going to get a perm at JCpennies/Southlands at 2:00.
I saw the funnel cloud as I left the neighborhood, and thought it looked pretty far north and east, and so it would be fine (and Hey, isn’t that cool. )
As I kept driving up Smokey hill the funnel seemed to pull back up off the ground and again I thought oh good, it went away – (but still, isn’t that cool!)
Then as I got into Southlands, I saw either the same one, or a second funnel sort of pointing at me from up in the sky, ready to come down – and I thought that's silly, but it was hailing now, and I could see the hail swirling around sideways with a bunch of other debris – which I thought means that it is pretty near the ground – isn’t that cool!
So then I thought I’m not going to make it inside JCPennies during this hail storm, so I’d better park, and stay safe in the car and watch it pass by - Kinda cool, but I’m alittle scared now that I shouldn’t be this close.
So now, IT’S A TORNADO! I can see that.
I parked in one of the front spots at JCP’s and the hail is coming down like mad now, the tree next to the car is slapping around on the top of the car, and the tornado is passing me in the parking lot, and I can’t believe how close it is.
So now I’m actively NOT PANICING – and thinking the cars are on the ground, it’s safe in the car, it will be passed soon – (thinking, wow that’s cool, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to die.)
Then as it came up to the building, the swirling part literally started to back up toward me, and came right over the top of the car. Now, I'm "gettin right with Jesus"! Thinking “If it’s my time, it’s my time. This might be it. “
The car rocked around and I felt like the minivan might get thrown to the side, and that the windshields would surely shatter, but they didn’t – and it started to be really cool again as I realized that the cars were staying on the ground. And then it went over/around the building. I waited a few minutes; noticed the park benches where thrown all around, and I hadn’t even seen that happening, and lots of the cars had window that were shattered; and went inside.
Before I know it, everyone was being sent outside because of a natural gas smell.
People were freaking out trying to get outside, and I was still wanting to be inside, so I waited under the overhang of the roof for awhile.
Then I hoped in my car, thought maybe I could get a perm at cost cutters, and so drove over there – were I met the channel 31 news lady and was interviewed!
CRAZY - and now seeing how much worse it was 100 yards away at Lowes, I’m quite thankful to be unharmed! (And I feel alittle stupid for parking in front of the tornado.) That’s my story!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's another Saturday night, and I ain't got nobody...

The cousins/in-laws are gone, girls are asleep, Kevin is still at work... and I should be sleeping, but I can't - feeling weird. So, I'll stay up until I hear the hub get home, (and then suddenly I'll be overcome with exhaustion and go right to sleep before he gets up the stairs, not fair.)

Busy week. Too much to tell. That's why you should blog frequently. (Note to self.)

Regis, school, catching up, almost done. Work/school - 5 more days, almost done. Yadda yadda.
Vacation! Coming, steamboat springs, so do your homework woman, so you can enjoy it.
Girls, healthy, happy, giggling more each day. When does that stop? When did it start?
Grandparents now have skype - it's fun. Everyone should have it!, Computer world is a GO!
I now have delicious! (Social Bookmarking). It's fun. Everyone should have it!

I'm trying to begin the serious keeping separate - private life and public servant life, and I am suddenly very annoyed at the opinion restricting I'm going to have to do. I never really thought about it as problematic before, but I've had the opportunity to be . . . mis-judged recently, and I am more aware than usual that I'd be better off not thinking everyone is my best friend - better zip it better lock it better put it in your pocket!

2 reasons I didn't teach in my pre-kids, pre-body snatched life: 1.) Rules, rules, rules - (I'm more of a creative, outside the box, march to your own beat type.) I still don't get why you can't talk in the hallway. and 2.) Them - they - They are out there, and I don't always see eye to eye with them.

And in the larger the pros/cons scheme of things, it's about the kids, and the incidentals have to be put up with.

As a wise old PARA once said, "He thinks he's one this one, and that's OK. Eventually, I will win."

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Brownies Fly Up

I feel alittle guilty about how happy I am that it's over!

Thank you Marcie, for being an excellent fearless leader, and the best part of this experience has been becoming friends with you and your family. Thank you Brownies, for being the fun, inspirational, little spirits that you are. Thank you to all the parents for making it easy. Thank you Judy and Kim, for braving taking them into Junior Girl Scouts!

Hurray Troop 349!
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