Monday, December 31, 2007

OMG - It's New Year's Eve!

How in the world did another year fly by? It's scary really. Well, welcome 2008 anyway. So long, you were wonderful - year 2007!

So, I made tasty and beautiful homemade cinnamon rolls. . . And I can prove it!

Santa came and went, leaving happy little girls in his wake. My wii muscle are getting a workout! Boy was I sore after boxing a few rounds with Cat. She's good. And I confess to sneaking down in the morning to have another go at that tether ball chic from "playground" - I know I'll beat her dare one of these days!

Skiing! I haven't been in years, and although it definitely fell under the category of major ordeal, the girls loved it, and we loved it. We have the bug now, and hope to be a family of rabid skiers from now on!

Laura and Dan had us up to their cabin for a long weekend in Leadville. It was a great visiting with them. Inspiring to see the cabin. Relaxing to get away from the suburbs. Fun watching our kids play together. Rejuvenating to go skiing again!

Now we are home, I have a mountain of things to do - but it's OK! I still have. . . (dare I say it?) Heck, somebody has to...20 more days! I'll have to make my mondo TO DO list tomorrow! But until then, Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Most Unbelievable Heavenly Home for the Holidays

Whatever that means!
Ah, Saturday morning, I woke up hours before anyone else, made my hot spiced tea, planted myself in front of 3 episodes of "sell this house" and 1 never-seen-before "big spender" - and it still hasn't really hit me yet. . . I have 5 weeks off!!

Today we made cut out cookies, watched Polar Express, the Grinch, and now Sky High - went shopping (see new Jammies modeled above) and out to dinner! I love Christmas, and take back any previously grinchy behavior. That was just the stress talking. Now the presents are all purchased and wrapped, the Christmas cards sent (it took 3 shifts, but I finally did it), and I think I'm shaking the cold I was working on. I'm about to finish a book I'm reading JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I've made it through and even seem capable of relaxing and enjoying myself.

Kevin has been off since Thursday, and doesn't go back to work until Wednesday. The house is clean and there's all sorts of time to do what I want to do! This is a Happy Holiday!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

3 days until winter break

Oh, my poor sad little empty un-updated blog! Just checking in, but I can't type now, Good Lord, do you know how many Christmas cards I still have to do! (I'm about 30 short I just figured that out last night.)
3.2.1 And it'll be Happy Holidays for me! Woo Whoo!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Camel Flog

Lily helps decorate.
Abiggigle and the "camel flog".
The Brownies/Daisies
TOTAL ARABIAN INTERACTIVE LEARNING program. All things I promise to blog about real soon.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

13 days

13 days unitl break. One more week until my class is over.
I need to write up my "personal educational philosophy". 2 pages. I'm going to have to use a really big font to fill 2 pages with "we're all special!", and I'm tired!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thanks! I needed that.

Even though I'm now ridiculously far behind on my EDFD600 philosophical foundations of education assignment, I need to take the time to say WOW! I so needed our little weekend break away from it all. I realized this as I was screeching at the kids a mere 5 minutes after re-entering our happy little home and our happy little lives. It hasn't stopped either. I'm feeling pretty agitated still. The tall ones refusal to go to school claiming to be "still sick" was not fun yesterday. Which is why I have to sign off now, get my cattle prod and go back upstairs. Anyway, I'm missing you pillow top matress with the 6 down filled pillows (not the pokey kind either). And although I skipped the spa because all I could comfortably afford was a lip waxing - It was nice to know I could have walked down stairs for a few hour$ of pampering.

AND The Count down is in full swing. . .

14 more days!