Thursday, February 22, 2007

OFF! wait - let me take a picture and then OFF!

Lots of drivel in my head, not necessarily sure any of it warrants blogging. Just feeling life whiz by my head - so close it almost hit me! Ut-Oh, Abi beckons - she needs a back scratch, tummy tickle, and I need to watch Wilbur with her. TTFN

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

31 Days until Spring Break - ah, that feels better

That's all I have to say this morning. I came all the way down to the basement, because in a few seconds the mad screaching rush to school will begin, and then the errands, and then the dinner, and the evening routine. And another day will have wizzed past. . . . BUT, on the up side, 30 more days tomorrow! Ciao, CFD

Sunday, February 04, 2007

plus 10?

So much for my count down!! Remind me to never ever do that again! Back at work for 2 weeks (yes, what got me through the first day back was alittle elementary math of my own; 9 weeks x 5 days a week=45. . . no monday this week-1. . . don't forget presidents day is 2 days-2. . . that makes 42 MORE DAYS 'TIL BREAK!! I realize that this is sick and wrong, but it's TOUGH to go back!)

I've managed to scan a bunch of old Gillis Xmas photos in and plan on doing a little slide show next. Whoo hoo - I'm back. Oh, and quickly, the girls love the dog, I love the dog, here's a one month later comparison:

8 week old baby Lily

12 week old Lily - hm, you can't tell that she's about twice as big, but it's nice to know Caitlin has the hammy 7 year old thing down pat. I'd hate to have a 7 year old who doesn't love screwing up a picture.