Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 in a nutshell

2008. It was a good year!
Kind of a stay at home and get things done year, but a good year non the less.
We are looking forward to going skiing for a week at Winter Park with Kevin's Sister and family next week, and the girls are enjoying a nice long winter break. I didn't get any of those family projects done, the calendar, the cookbook, the collection of all photos and slides. . . but I still have my sanity.

Colleen - (that's me) is going to Regis University to get a masters degree in Special Education and my teaching license. If all goes well I will be student teaching in the fall. And that has set the tone for the rest of our lives going on 2 years now. I do my yoga in the basement. I work as a PARA at Rolling Hills elementary. I still co-lead the 2 girl scout troops, although not as well as I would like - but I'm excited for camping trips coming in the spring that will take us to a whole new level. No time for book club, bunko, coffee talks - but I'll be back! Bruce and Roberta Gillis (my mom and dad) are doing fine, and we get to see them often.

Kevin - (that's my hub) has a brand new baby at work. It's a G4, gulfstream jet. The pilots are fighting over who gets trained on it, and so far it looks like Kevin gets to go to school and will be the lead mechanic for it. We girls are actually going to go in today to have a peek. He has a picture of it in his wallet (well, on his phone, it's that exciting). Otherwise he has been a trooper picking up the considerable slack cause by my going to school. Thanks honey!

Caitlin - Caity is in 3rd grade, she's 9, wants to be Hannah Montana, has braces and glasses, is the tallest (girl) in her class and reminds me alot of Mary Katherine Gallagher from Saturday Night Live. She is a Brownie Girl Scout, swims with the Parkview Penguins swim team in the summer, plays soccer with the Tigers in the fall, and will soon be skiing in the winter and spring! She's doing great with piano lessons, and is quite the little artist. AND - she can't wait to "help" me set up the chocolate fondue fountain that we won in the Gillis family gathering grab bag. Yeah, it's Friday morning. Let's do that for breakfast!

Abigail - Abi is in 1st grade, she's 6, she has about 90 webkinz (little stuffed animals with an accompanying online life) and knows them all by name and wants to take all of them everywhere she goes, and loves Starwars (they both do, go figure). Both girls go to Rolling Hills where I work and it has been fun being able to see them in the halls (they are so lucky I want to do elementary school and not high school). She prefers being a crumb (little sister who gets to tag along with the Brownies) to being an actual Daisy - but she's hanging in there with the Daisies for now, she plays soccer with the Super Shooting Stars, and will finally be old enough to be on the swim team this summer. She too is an excellent little artist, has braces and glasses, and a learning disability that we are all learning from. Abi says I love Christmas!

Lilith - (that's the dog) Lilly is a border collie mix, and I can hear the girls yelling at her upstairs even as I type. She's eaten at least one of their cookies and is a sneaky, evil genius! But she's equally as cute and lovable so we keep her. There is a rumor being spread around that Santa has agreed to bring as a puppy next Christmas, because you know all evil geniuses need minions, or at least a henchman. That's what Santa told me any way.

Happy Holidays everyone!
Thank you for all your generosity, friendship and good company - live or digital, we will take it! Best wishes for a fabulous 2009!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday morning, not doing much of anything

Well, a crazy week and weekend are over, and winter break has officially begun!! Starting it off right with coffee and a big jug of that nasty creamer stuff I love so much (it's made of THOSE ingredients that have a half/life they're so bad for me). It should last most of the break.
I'm making a list, checking it twice . . . and the girls got all excited when I told them I might leave them home alone (and since I need to Christmas shop this is WONDERFUL news). But, then you have to wonder, why are they all excited? Planning to hunt around maybe? Who knows - don't care - gotta get it done!
Kitcat was fluey last night, but seems completely recovered now. No sign of it making the rounds through the house so I am off to Costco, Costplus, SportsAuthority, Bestbuy, Target, Justice(40% off everything coupon!) and Samanthas Cats and Dogs! (Lilly has NOT been good, so we have to get her something because she's on Santa's naughty list.)
I, on the other hand have been extra good this year - because I want an Ipod, and Santa just might be in the mood to get herself one. Cheerio !

By the way, TZ hostessed a fabulously successful ornament exchange party last night. It was super fun and I had 2 full plates it was so good. ( and 6 huge olives stuffed with garlic cloves!) way to go Tracey! Thanks!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Caitlin gets in the spirit!
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Not everyone can apprieciate the beaty of the beast

But Abi obviously can. These are just a few of the 29 pictures - Digital is a wonderful thing. But where did my picture of the grinch go?
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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas is in the air

Oh, the girls just lover everything about Christmas.
It's a very creative time of year. (Don't worry, I rescued her.)
I'm tired. I have a ton of assignments due on Saturday, so this may be my last decent nights sleep for awhile. Night night!
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Monday, December 01, 2008


15 more days!!

That's wassup!