Friday, September 26, 2008


It's good to be off track. The hub just packed the kiddo's off to Vail, and although I'm going to spend most of the time doing homework, I have the house to myself, I'm about to go to the library by myself, go to video store and rent a movie for me, and pick up some dinner. Maybe I'll go somewhere I want to go.

Then, I get to go up tomorrow for most of the week.
THEN, I have 2 more weeks off.
Maybe I'll visit some of my long lost blogging friends.

Last night we went to the Bee Movie at Rolling Hills Elementary, and I gotta tell ya, this CUTE little boy Reda and Abi are loopy over each other. OK, I know I'll have pictures soon because Flat Stanley is coming with us, and we are supposed to report on his journeys. Ciao Baby!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Better Now

I finally got some sleep and now realize that Ab does not have ADD.
I might, but that's a topic for another sleepless night.

Wordless Wednesday. Searching. . . Bingo!

Tall one, middle, glasses.
(Caitlin on her new improved team, the Tigers! Grrr!)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Up Wringing My Hands

Nothing like doing homework with the little resistant one to send me into a spiral of despair. I've been back and forth between relieved, to freaking out, and back again. I'm currently looking up ADD/ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorders that are frequently co-morbid (love THAT term) with speech language disorders.

DD2's memory seems to be just fine for anything other than academic, language, not-interesting stuff -it's just learning to read she can't be bothered with. How many more hours can we possible put in before she gets it or I pull all of my hair out? Last week I thought gee, that reading group is really at a lower level, I should ask to have her moved. Today, I think she may have 10 sight words memorized if she's lucky, and suddenly it's like pulling teeth to get her to sound something out.

Maybe I should put in an emergency call in to my pediatrician. Wake up! My DD can't read! Now I'm going to look up global warming, and do my finances just to really get myself worked into a frenzy. Then I'll check in with the fox news network to try and figure out why people trust the republican party - and how it makes them feel safe.
Should I laugh or cry?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Sorry State of Affairs

I just walked through the kitchen and saw The Cauldron.

I suppose at least it's not collecting dust from lack of use; instead it's filled with kids homework. A sad misuse of The Cauldron, fairly accurately representing the current state of my life. It's OK, I know it's only temporary, and at least I have Ms. Martha looking out for me, (and the rest of the neighborhood). Martha, I was going to photoswap your head into a Loveboat picture as Social Director Julie, but alas I'm headed off to class this morning, so I don't have enough time.

But, if you can't find yourself a Momma Mia costume for halloween, you might consider this as a substitute.

Friday, September 05, 2008



Imagine a picture of a golf green, and on it the yellow flag marked "15"; as in 15 days until fall break!
I probably need to kill a chicken so the computer gods are happy again.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Shredding down memory lane

One of my fondest childhood memories is getting out ALL the ski equipment, gear, and accessories and practicing in the living room. I think the excuse for my dad was checking that everything fit and was in good working condition; but I think he was just looking forward to ski season so much he was giddy.

So it was appropriate that my mom and dad were there in the living room for the first go at pretend skiing. Look fast girls!

All geared up, and ready for snow!
C and A also had the 2nd ever sleep over at the Grands so that Kevin and I could finish painting the north side of the house. Busy busy weekend, but we still managed to squeeze in a last day at the pool. Happy Labor day, and . . . don't forget:

19 more days.

Daisies go backyard camping

That was Friday, and Saturday morning.