Thursday, January 31, 2008

You've got to be kidding me

"See the Man Who brought Sexy Back"
says the headline. . . (Justin Timberlake)
First, I'm questioning the use of the word "Man" here,
and second, what the heck is wrong with people. . .
I'm just happy to have a moment to blog, but obvioiusly I have nothing pressing to say, except that maybe I should take the time to "personalize" my new home page so that I don't have to
be annoyed by what passes for news these days.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

All I need to know about life I learned in . . . Middleschool?

I was logging some observation hours yesterday, and I was amazed. I haven't set foot in a middle school since, well, decades ago. And, in one afternoon, I hear these 3 things middle schoolers say;

  • "Wow, this is so easy and fun" - how do you convey the dripping of sarcasm?
  • "Yeah, I know what bulimia is. It's like anorexia, but you get to eat." -

  • "I don't really, like, you know, associate with her, so I wouldn't know." - In response to what does your mom do for a living.
yikes! I'm kinda hooked though, WAY more interesting than elementary life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wordless Thursday - think total emersion

(There are no rules here!
I can do Thursday)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And So It Begins. . .

4 weeks of working out and I've lost . . . 0 pounds. Couldn't work out today, I was watching a friend's chitlin. Can't work out tomorrow, I need to use my precious time alone to finish my massively long and involved 4 part homework assignment! I've got to figure out a way to make time stop so I can add a few extra hours in. 4 is all I'd need. (Don't want to be hoggish!) 2 more for studying, 1 for working out and 1 for sleeping. This semester I will also have to log my hours at a different school. Which means I'll have to take time off of work to go volunteer to do the same thing elsewhere. Yes. I miss the philosophy class. Presentations, papers, slick powerpoint slide shows. I've got 3 books I want to read sitting at the library on the hold shelf that I will probably never get to! 4 cookbooks I checked out over break to change my life in the kitchen, and I've read part of one. Even though break isn't over, it's really over for me.

Thank goodness for the sister wives and coffee lovers. I don't know what I'd do with out them. Crawl around on the floor looking for my marbles perhaps. Night night. No bugs.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Full Day

I've had this sad little plant since. . . 1991. It's a Plumeria; as in the beautiful and fragrant flower most frequently used by Hawaiians to make leis. (5 very symmetrical white petals, bright yellow centers)I bought it at the stock show here in Colorado right after I moved here from Maui. It was a stick in a baggy, with some volcanic rock/dirt thrown in. The first decade, it never had more than 2 leaves. More recently (this last decade) it was thriving. After a few years in the bathroom where we shower every day, and there is a sky light, it usually had 4 leaves. Thrilling as it was, I guess I've started to take it for granted. Maybe I was subconsciously wishing it ill since it never lived up to it's potential. At it's best, it was still a silly little stick, barely alive, with a few scrawny leaves.
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Is it odd that I want to replant the now malformed stick in new soil, put it back in the bathroom/greenhouse for another decade, and see if it might just recover enough to have a couple of leaves again? I think I may have a "letting go" issue, how about you?

We also had a little Gillis Clan get together, and Caitlin has already sold many many boxes of girl scout cookies.
(We started Friday.) Now I'm trying to catch up on my studying, this class is gonna be HARD! No papers, no presentations, no b.s. - just a TON of reading.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Just because it's Funny

I'm not really a cat person. . . Is that why this is so funny? I guess it would be equally as funny if it were a dog, so it's not a cat thing.
The kids laugh and laugh, and act out the speed boat towing the raft, an the wake (I've described this quite in depth today), and how the kids fly up in the air like this, and then the cat (oh, they're almost peeing their pants by this time, it's SO funny) - and then the cat goes like THIS ! "AAAAHGH!" hahahahahaha . At least 5 times today we went through the whole thing. Wait until they see that I've blogged it.

  • I've been cleaning.

  • Updating brownie stuff.

  • WORKING OUT 5 times a week (pat myself on the back, thank you very much) - since Christmas I'll have you know. Not like these weenies who've been doing it since New Years day. That's just dumb ;)
  • I just whipped out a 2 page paper for my The Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom Class that starts tomorrow. My books are back-ordered so I'm otherwise screwed. But, my slides and recipes are shaping up nicely because of the back-order, so I guess it's a win win situation. OOH, I almost forgot!

  • I got my free Gevalia Coffee Maker today! Thank you Denise and Katrina for the hot tips and samples. I'm feeling very smart about the whole thing. (Much smarter than I felt when I was giving the old one a good cleaning and broke the caraf, and then imeddiately following finding out the replacement caraf costs 21$ - I found the springy thingy was also broken. What kind of crazy world do we live in now were it's easier and cheaper to throw out the old one (because goodwill won't take it) and order a brand new one. It goes against my grain. I should keep it in the basement for a decade in a box. . .to sooth my Gillis hoarding genes. The new one is shinny and pretty though, isn't it? And it just showed up on my doorstep in a great big box!
  • Racketeered into signing up for "gameplay". Caitlin won 3rd prize on a lunchables box. 3rd prize is a 30 day free trial of "gameplay" which is like netflicks only with JUST GAMES. So I had to enter my credit card of course, and all I have to do is cancel it. Bastards.
What else. The Beadery Cafe that was down in Parker, on mainstreet - it's closed now. Just fyi. Lost out to all those Walmarts I suppose.
Night night. Sleep tight. No bugs.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Techno Sucking Today

I've spent a good portion of the day messing with my computer for a variety of reasons, and for the first time in a long long while, I said OUT LOUD - "Man, I need a new computer"! Not my usual gee, I'd kinda like a laptop - oh no.


And it will be totally worth it too because I do so much stuff on the computer, doing it myself - saves alot of money. . . are you buying it? I "saved" 170$ the other day at JC Pennies. Guess how much you have to spend in order to say that! Hah.

Life is good today, other than the technosuck think. It was tempered with lots of cleaning , laundering, and purging - good solid, visible, sink your teeth in type accomplishments. Kevin has been working all weekend, and surprise surprise I've found my pace. Love ya honey, smooches - but it's true.

My one blue holiday moment is about trying to get the extended family to email me a few photos a piece to make a quick year end slide show for the blog. No response. - (I take that back, one very thankful response.) Now alot of these people are younger than I, or at least less technosucky than I, and I was thinking it would be a fun, easy, get everyone talking, thing. Maybe they'll surprise me yet. I hope. I used to think things like this just meant I was a bored bon bon eating housewife, but now that I'm doing the crazed student-working-mom thing, I don't think it's too much to ask for a few photos!!

Time for bed. May visions of Macs dance in my head.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ice Candles / Ice Skates

It looks like 2008 is going to be another wiki wiki kind of year! This first week has been flying by, and it's starting to make me nervous. Geez, next week I'll be in Regis/school, and when that happens you know it will seem like the bat of an eyelash before B-track/elementary school starts for all of us Dobson females.

I haven't had one of my really excellent days yet where I get a ton of stuff done, and now the tall one is sick, so it just may not happen. I keep falling asleep before that second wind kicks in, so no night time cleaning frenzies have occurred. (But, I'm not sick either, so there.)

OK - thanks Tracey for making this cool craft day happen! The kids loved it, and I can't wait to do it myself,

and - thanks Katrina for suggesting the ice skating. (I've meant to go, but just hadn't gotten around to it.)