Monday, May 28, 2007

hmm, How May Points is a Butter Braid?

Last week (Thursday) I joined weight watchers. So . . . well . . . , I ate an entire butter braid yesterday! Luckily Kevin threw away the wrapper that I was saving to figure out the points, but, I never got to that part where you look up how big a serving size is because . . . well, . . . It was really good! And, really, Kevin had 1/2 a piece, Tom (picking up the sleepover kids) had a piece, and the kids ate the very last bit - so what do you think? I'm guessing 13 points a serving, I had 10 servings - hahaha

The amusing part is I wouldn't even have done it if I hadn't been on my new diet!

Mrs. Wishy Washy! at Timberline
- this was a fun little event!

and Moo Cow really needed a bath anyway.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bring Me Her Head

Whew! I just deleted a whole bunch of whining I wrote this morning about the sociopath I'm trying to disentangle from my life. Instead I will sum up with this;
I really really hope she shoots herself in the foot someday, somehow so that everyone else can see that she's a mean nasty fake! Or, better yet; JUST GO AWAY!

If she told me today was Thursday (and it is Thursday), I'd figure there's a 90% chance that it isn't actually Thursday. Then I would try to figure out her hundreds of possible motives for saying that today is Thursday.

OK, I feel alittle bit better.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Love / Hate

Ms. M keeping us all honest with a blog challenge -

I Love the;

of airplanes. (Take me with you!)
Smell of "Sea and Ski" - an old brand of sunscreen that brings back an amazing flood of childhood memories.
Taste of too many things. Lobster bisque, horseradish sauce, peanut butter, chocolate. . .
Sound of wave crashing!
Feel of my pillow, my flannel pillow-case covered pillow.

I hate the;

Sight of anyone being hurt.
Smell of asphalt being laid.
Taste of coconut or pinapple.
Sound of my kids fighting.
Feel of cleanser on a school desk. ewh.

Mom the Mighty Bug Killer

Oh, every year I forget the annual freaking out stage of the summer. First it's all glorious and grand, the expectation is fabulous; and then the bug reality hits! Both the girls are complete chicken weanie butts when it comes to bugs. I just killed my first "bee" of the season, (fly). Oh dear, and there is nothing quite so scary as a MOTH. You know the kind that are inevitably up high on a vaulted ceiling where you can't kill 'it, but the kids can still see it. The only think to have gotten the girls off of the trampoline -B-U-G-S-!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Field Day at Rolling Hills

Why am I underlining? Who knows. This was such a fun day. (And in the morning so that it wasn't blistering hot.) This was a hilarious game. Much harder than it looks. . . if your in 3rd grade.

Friday, May 18, 2007

MOM !!!! Turn off the Sprinklers!!!

6:15 am - I'm fresh out of the shower and I hear this far off cry; "MOM - (desperate sounding) I run to the back yard and she's fully dress for school, stuck on the trampoline because the sprinklers have come on. Hardy har har.

Did you know that you can; eat breakfast on the trampoline, sleep on the trampoline, bounce the dog on the trampoline, play animal hospital because you've wounded the dog on the trampoline, put your swimsuits on and pretend your swimming on the trampoline, put your ballet costumes on and do ballet on the trampoline, play cars on the trampoline, arrange picked flowers on the trampoline. These are just some of the things they've done on the trampoline TODAY!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Somebody call the alpha dogs off! Ick!! The nice ones on the committee keep trying to reel me back in, but it only takes one alpha mom poke with a sharp stick to steel my resolve.

I was just called a "liar" by one queen bee on the phone. I didn't fly into a rage, I didn't attack her, I didn't feel the need to justify myself. WHATEVER. Thank you for making me feel better about quitting immediately!


Monday, May 14, 2007

Mickey Sends His Love

My poor children are the ONLY ones in all of the world who haven't been to a Disney Theme park. I simply must get my priorities straight - before the become scared for life!

Anyway, our little neighbor went and brought them back suckers and a "Katie" key chain - (there's that Caity - or Katie problem again). What's not to like about a sucker the size of your head.

"Thank you Sara!"

As for mothers day, I got my flower basket from Tagawa, and we went over to my mom's for lunch. Oh, and I harped at my husband to call his mom, (which he did not do). I'm trying to keep the sarcasm down to a minimum, but last night when he said he'd call her tomorrows - I couldn't stop it from coming out; "OOH nice, she'll really like that."

He starts his new job today, and I'm sure he'll come home skipping, and relaxed this evening and we can get back to normal. Hopefully.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Whooh Freakin Hoo!

Yes, this is how long my 2 at a time rule lasted! I guess I'd better look into getting the net. I can't wait for them to throw themselves at it to see . . . well, because it's there I suppose.

Here it is! We have to keep it beautiful, and sticky bit free - (I forgot what bug/nature prima donas they are in the summer time - moth season is particularly painful.)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Boing, Boing, Boing

What am I? Boing, boing, boing . . .

A new (old) Trampoline!

Yeah! Nurse Lisa is to follow me home today to dump it in our driveway! (I'll keep you posted.) Kevin says he's not putting it up until the weekend, but, if I get out there and start messing with it he'll be unable to control himself and come take it over, and then - as he predicted - be out there until after dark, having not eaten in 9 hours, muttering obsenities, cursing my name. . .But it'll be up! -

I'm so excited. I always wanted one as a kid. Maybe I should look up the weight limit on this one. Make that my new goal weight!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Roberta's Rock

This is so cool! "Nana has a rock named after her" - hahaha. Grandma is really a force to be reckoned with, according to the suits in the pictures. Hearing them describe how Roberta could shut you up, or change your mind with a glance, . . .well, made me chuckle, because that's our Nana! Roberta has done a ton of volunteer work over the years, and it's nice to know other people recognize it as much as we do! GO NANA!

Tea Party

Brownie troop 349 1st Annual Mother/Daughter tea party!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Class of 2020

Abigail Dobson, reporting for Kindergarten roundup, 2007-08. She has Mrs. Greer, am, - we love her, so that's a good thing; and if pony girl is anything like big sisser, she'll dig enrichment even more because they do even more fun stuff!

So, that was an uneventful Friday. . .Here's what happens when I manage to keep my big mouth shut:

It was a typical Friday morning in the neighborhood. The birds were chirping, the bees were humming and The Dobson girls were happily walking to school. Oh what a wonderful morning it would be: time spent with just the girls. Not a care in the world. An excused absence from being to work on time because there was a new kindergartner who needed to get orientated.

When, suddenly we turned the corner, and out of no where, comes flying the ever confident, never wrong Tennessee Tornado. Where could she be going in such a hurry? And without her little pup named Toto?

As I neared the school, the situation became apparent. There was a kid down, seizing, twitching or maybe just light headed from new medication. We don't know, but with our TT on the job, we are not worried one bit. Certain that the emergency will be handled with the upmost confidence and concern. You see, confidence is her specialty. That and having all the answers.

Why golly, if that wasn't enough, once she saves that little boy, she hardly catches her breath before intervening in the Scooter vs. Bike altercation.

If only she blogged, we could enjoy her account of it all.

But instead, we snicker behind her back, as only sociopath-wannabees are capable of..

Fade out the Baywatch Music, with the Tennesse Tornado walking off into the sunset with David Hasselhoff by her side. She's baptist so it isn't likely they were going for cold one. Man, the Hoff is gonna be pissed when he discovers she a tee-totaler!

Signed, your clueless but creative guest blogger...

I was going to christen her "Flo" - short for Florence, Florence Nightengale, the Angel of mercy. TT is good to. You have the order wrong, but the image of the running bouy holding baywatch babe is so funny, I prefer your version - (I can't be a social path tho - I'm teetering between I can't post that and nobody will read it, go ahead! - )