Monday, October 29, 2007

GS 5K and the little Troopers from troop 349!

They did it! Becca, Marcie, Cassidy, Molly, Caitlin, Jessica M. and Abigail, Eric and Colleen (not pictured) walked a whole 5K for the Girl Scouts! It was fun, and I bet we can beat our time if we do it again next year.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Abi talks in her sleep. Well, correction. Abi barks, neighs and cockadoodledoos in her sleep. I asked her this morning because the hub and I had a bet; whether she had said "scoobydoobydoo" or "cockadoodledoo"- I won. She remembered her dream to. She said she was all the animals at a farm.

She also said (not in her sleep, just the car) "Boys have a nut. Girls have a china". She screeched at me that she can say it anyway she wants when I tried to correct her. She's alittle over the speech/ language stuff right now.

Oh, and the poor thing will be talking like a "sleeslack" real soon with braces - too! I try not to laugh. . . I must have a picture of her little pouty face somewhere - it just kills me.
(Oh she's pinchable.)

Caitlin's Pony team photos came in; They have 2 more games this season. Go ponies! The one I took standing beside the photographer is actually better. What's with the fence directly behind her head? Where's mine . . .
SEE- (this is such a misuse of my study time!) Somebody stop me. Too slow, gotta go.

Monday, October 22, 2007

46 = )

46 more school days until winter track off!
You're impressed, I know. (I'll spare you the "how many shopping days until Christmas, because THAT's scary.)

Tomorrow will be quite a day. Back to school/work after 3 weeks off - Abi has I think delibertaly lost her glasses and I have torn the house apart looking for them - nothing. Garden gnomes? They must have a stash - MC's remote control is probably there too.
Then there's Regis that night. The Philosophy of Education. At least the class has a name I can remember.

I'm sewing patches onto girl scout uniforms. Organizing my photo's thanks to Picasa. I think I've finally got a system that works for me. I managed to get through the 11 years of crap crammed into every nook and cranny in the 2 upstairs bathrooms. A good break. Despite dreading the thought of waking up early tomorrow, I think I'm up for it. Good night.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Goings on over Track off

We do alittle singing, a little dancing. Sometimes we pretend the dog is a person, and let her drink from our straw cup. Sometimes we pretend we are dogs - and join them in their daily routine.

One day, I decide to make homemade bread. This is no small task you know. I was going to do it right. Get the butter and the eggs and the yeast to room tempurature first, and then make it. So I set those ingredients out, looking forward to my procutive day, and start doing something else. Suddenly I see something strange out of the corner of my eye - and could it be I hear digging? Yes, I did. My cute and clever little mutt has gotten up on the counter, stolen the stick of butter, climbed on top of the Ficus tree pot, and is burying it, with the arc of dirt flying across the room and everything. Yep, it's a laugh a minute over at the Dobsons!

And Abi got glasses! She was so excited - for about 1 day. Now she can't loose them fast enough each morning.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whooooooooo Hoooooooo!

This one's for
Suburban -Housewives

I just finished my final presentation for my first class at Regis - and since it is the only thing left too be graded, I am almost 100% sure that I got every last 100% of the 100 assessment points!
That's right! Unabashed horn tooting going on, right here!

Was I better than the gaggle of hoodie-wearing, half my age - I know everything and want to prove to the class what a great teacher I will be - full time - no job or family having - power point lovin' - over achievers? Maybe, maybe not; BUT I'll bet you money I have my ego in check, read the syllabus and know how to tailor my papers, logs, outlines and presentations to get every point that was there to be gotten.

Bet'cha got a point for your 20 minute long power point presentation (but I bet I got that same point for my piece of paper with a graph on it). Bet'cha got a point for your 3 page long outline (but I bet I got a point for my 1 page outline). Bet'cha got dinged for turning it into your personal opinion presentation instead of the assignment that was "literature review" - that would be sans personal opinions (but I bet I got that point!). Bet'cha think 9 citations are plenty because you apparently didn't read 15-20 (pretty specific, bet I got a point!). Bet'cha you're pissed you did all that extra work (one of them actually had 2 presentations done and let us pick which one we wanted to hear - can you imagine!?!) and still didn't get all the points.

OH, I believe this is the first time in my life I've actually wanted the class stats to be posted on the door! That's right, I'm old, fat, and tired, and I've been to school so many times with so many teachers I know exactly how to play the game! Wow! were did this negative gloating behavior come from? I know my dislike of "the gaggle" is just me projecting my insecurities; well, perhaps now that I'm self declared Queen of the Hill I can be more charitable toward them. . . even if they still think the know everything. I was exactly that clueless once myself.


Sorry for the poor sportsmanship-like blurt; but it's gone now. Negative feelings toward them and me - PURGED! Bring on the next class, I'm ready. Not tan, not rested, but ready.

Oh I'm still giddy -

Monday, October 15, 2007

Help! I'm stuck back in my basement!

I was out for a little while - but here I am again. Thankfully, I'm not at work! (One more week for those of you who are counting.) So since I was able to "rely on the kindness of others" - (that's classic Scarlet O'Hara right there!) Kevin and I had a lovely weekend away up in Salida. I was rather discombobulated before leaving and just happy to make a run for it, we did not have the GPS, or alas, even a map of the property! But, we went out to eat a few times, slept in, and had a fabulous picnic at the property on Saturday - deli sandwich from the Cotopaxi general store. (Maybe you've stopped there to pee on your way to somewhere else.) Anyway, we got thoroughly confused as to where the boundaries might be. I have alittle research to do. The good thing, - a secret goal, was achieved; getting the Hub on board. I was pleased to hear him say words like "our" and "we could" and "I bet" - other action words surrounding this dormant property.
And it's nice to get out of the basement even just momentarily mentally! Then it snowed the whole way home - which I kind of liked, being funny that way.

So my last class of my first mini semester is this week. I have to turn in a very long and dull paper, my field experience log and give a presentation on my long and dull paper. So, I'll be here, in the basement, if you need me.

Oh, and the highlight of my weekend was coming home and catching Desperate Housewives, which I haven't seen in ages; and getting to see Lynette doing charades of Edie hanging herself, and Susan going to a skanky transvestite OB/GYN that Brie picked out of the phone book because she's not really pregnant! Who Knew!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Women on the Ridge....but that was so last week!

Dinosaur ridge that is. This was a really cool Girl Scout event!

Join the Association for Women Geoscientists, the Denver Chapter of Women in Mining, Girl Scouts Mile Hi Council and many professional organizations for a fun-filled day of learning about the Earth and - for Girl Scouts - earning many different science badges. The Ridge will be closed to vehicles so that geologists and other scientists can explain the wonders of Dinosaur Ridge to visitors. Other stations at the visitor center and along the ridge will be specific to Girl Scout Badges. Emphasis on ALL DAY! The girls were troopers though, and learned lots of stuff.

Waiting for a group photo - my camera was toast that day.

Friday, October 05, 2007

The Circus - First time since I was 10

Tonight we girl scout type girls went to the Circus. I haven't been since I was a kid, and the girls have never been. It's pretty much exactly the same, (in a good way) - maybe alittle more pc with the animals, but let's face it, they're still doing tricks for their dinner, spending alot of time in a tiny little cage or in front of a screaming audience. Whoo! Didn't mean to go negative there. I'll stop before connecting to whales in captivity being kept basically in an echo chamber that is torturous to them. Oops. Too late. Well, Ringling Bros has alot of my $ and that's all that counts. Paid a ridiculously high price for some cute little animal souvenier cup sno cones, There were ponies, and doggies, and elephants, and Caitlin thought Bello the Clown was hilarious, and and I need to go to bed! Why you ask? So I can wake up and get to another Girl Scout activity by 8:30 am -



and after

Thursday, October 04, 2007

11pm and all is well

I thought of dozens of things to blog about this week, as it sped past. Now here I am and all of them have fled.

OH, CRAP! The tooth fairy needs to get to work - 11pm and all is not well unless I go make things right. TTFN