Thursday, March 31, 2011

stupid wind. . .

The wind is fierce tonight! And for me, once the eyes are open, that leads to "I wonder if the fires are still going - I need to call Doug and Annie - nah, they're probably under 3 feet of snow - still, I should call - I should wake Abi up and make her read for an hour, that's what I SHOULD do - did I bring home the boardmaker CD? - I need to get those made - Should I get up? - don't be ridiculous, it's just a little wind, go back to sleep!... I need to make sure Caitlin brings a snack to school; CSAPs! - I should have... I could have ... there's no way I'm ever getting back to sleep - stupid insomnia - hey, maybe if i get stuff done now, I can go to archivers!" - If you can't beat it, go with it!

I skipped all the dad tangents - the photo is of a largely unfinished Grandpa, tell me your memories guide. I guess I thought we'd really jump in with that in his 90's.