Friday, February 27, 2009

I don't believe I've ever been this glad it's Friday!

Don't know why, I just AM!
Super duper glad it's Friday.

I still have GS cookies to deliver, still have a booth sale, and a birthday party sleep over with no real plan of what to do, still have to study for the PLACE exam next week, still behind in all 3 classes. . . maybe it's just the possibility of finally getting a few of these off of my TO DO list.

Maybe it's because today I only had a $15 co-pay with our new insurance! (Probably wasn't the news of curvy spine-itis to add to my TO WORRY ABOUT ABOUT ABI list)

In any event, TGIF!

Update on my propensity to spew things out of my nose:

The alert is still on, I must stay away from church services and avoid funerals at all costs. Although nothing was expelled across the classroom, this last Tuesday I got every one started with giggling fits. 6 grown women, paying alot of money, giving up the hours of 6-10 - just needing a laugh. The instructor was kind and tolerant, but I'm sure she thought of making 2 of us sit out in the hall until we could pull it together. (I never managed.)

So Martha, it wasn't so much about what was funny. It's just that I had a week long case of the giggles. Much preferable to the eye twitch I had the week before.

OK, I'm off to enjoy my weekend, whether it's enjoyable or not!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That was oh no - what if it's an Alien - and this is shut up and let me go

Actually, we never did get the Shut Up & Let Me Go part recorded. Oh well, I heart my new laptop! And frequently manage to arm wrestle it away from the girls.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Shut Up and Let Me Go" - sure to be a classic

Kinda funny that yesterday while registering my new laptop, I put that it's primary purpose was education. . .

The girls giving icarly a run for the money.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Super Saturday of Cookie Season

Yep. Girl Scout cookies will be dominating my life for the next month. I'm so not into it this year, so I'm done talking about that!

I have a new favorite movie - The Fall (alittle Princess Bride, alittle Little Miss Sunshine, and alittle The Cell if you can imagine.)

I went shopping today and this darling little girl was with her mother shoe shopping (just what I was doing with my darling little girls) and the mom was getting exacerbated with her daughter who just couldn't seem to find the perfect pair. The final (funny) straw was a pair of shiny black flats with a gathered leather look at the toes (too cute). Mom thought they were just what they were looking for, but the daughter just wouldn't commit. Mom pressed her daughter, "why - don't you think they're pretty?" Daughter, who was walking around on the tile floor all this time says "they just don't sound pretty." Now I don't know how long they had been there before we got there . . . well, I had a good laugh with Mom, and went on to find several pairs of pretty sounding shoes for my kids.

Good night!

Friday, February 06, 2009

"You Probably Know All About Me"

Boy, facebook is really putting a dent in my blogging schedule! However, I need to record this Caitlinism for later snickering.

Today Gracie's father came over to pick her up, (she's a friend of Abi's) and we were figuring out that their son is in Caitlin's grade and they know each other.

So Caitlin pipes up with:
" You probably know all about me. He probably talks about me all the time, because I like to chase him. . . ALOT."

And Mr. Grace thought that was almost as funny as I did, and still managed to say well, yes, in fact he had heard quite a bit about her; further fueling her belief that the world revolves around her.