Saturday, September 29, 2007

Take Me Out to the Cheesecake Factory

It was an ordeal. But it was also alot of fun. Caitlin invited her little buddy Andrew to the Rockies Baseball game (Rolling Hills Elementary night). AT and I went along to chaparone. ;) The train was over packed so we missed it, the 16th street mall train was packed so we couldn't get on and we had to hoof it. We passed several fast food spots along the way, but the one that truely got us out of the flow of traffic was the Cheesecake Factory. Hour and a half later, we made our way to the stadium. Perfect timing really. The game was fun, we lost and the kids got to see there first display of unsportsmanlike conduct from the crowd and the Rockies.
OOHH - and then there were fireworks. The kids learned some new words, smelled some new smells, got an eyefull of downtown, and we went home. It was fun to see someone you know every time you turn around. A good way to go downtown. I wanted to stop at the CF on our way home, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still One More Wake Up

Who knew that I would actually use statistics again! I was wrong. (I was 20 something, and thought I knew everything; I suppose there might have been a few other things as well!) Imagine my surprise when I had to look up Cronbach's Alpha I saw THIS

oddly familiar THINGY staring back at me - yes, yes. It's coming back to me I remember this. . . I remember a weird professor picking apart a bug on the overhead in a classroom in the Helms (sp?) building. That can't be right. And, upon further investigation, I still have no idea what this equation really means. I don't feel too bad, because I also remember thinking now and at the time -
"90% of all statistics are meaningless"

- ooh, that's almost good enough to make me change my Pavarotti-food-quote -signature, but I'm still too attached to it.

More importantly, I made it! My eye has stopped twitching, my first rough draft is turned in, I finished my observations, tomorrow is fun Friday, and only one more hellacious morning routine lies between me and 3 weeks of fall break.

OK - my pillow is calling me. One darling daughter soccer picture to leave you wanting more, and I promise I'll update all the rest whenever I get around to it - because I can!!


1 more wake up!

And I have exactly 2 minutes to blog today!

I walked in on these 2 the other morning, so quiet I thought they were still sleeping, face to face whispering some sort of sister secret. Don't move! I shouted, and ran for the camera. They moved. But the're still cute.

C learned contractions in school this week.

Examples, Are not = aren't, teenager = t'nanger

That's my girl!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

5 - more - days - !

This will be short because I'm off to do research. Caitlin had a fabulous birthday weekend. Jam packed with stuff and friends. She loved her presents. She thought the entire Bunk with the Beassts event was all about her. She drank root beer from the bottle, keeping the empties in her room (something to do with Drake and Josh? I'm not sure.) Anyhow, fun was had by all!
She is 8
and I can hardly believe it.

Do You feel LuckY?

This was alittle scary. Apparently I'm a real movie buff. Who knew. But fun if you like quizzes or movie trivia. (Most of the movies they referenced I have seen dozens of times. . . . talk about a miss spent youth!)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Make that 6!

Count down to fall break day 6 will be another ridiculously busy day! An example; My boss lady is coming to pick up my kids to take them to school in the morning. I get to go to a seminar - BUT, I have to leave the seminar 1/2 an hour early to get back and cover for 3 other people - and it just keeps going like that until September 29th! It's almost laughable. Except for the fact that my eyelid is twitching, which always makes me feel like I'm about to have a psychotic episode. . .

Tonight I found out I misunderstood our first writing assignment, meaning I haven't technically started it yet. So I have 1 week instead of 3. (And I wasn't even stoned during class.)

Hopefully my almost 8 year old daughter will forgive me for not being able to purchase donuts tomorrow morning - (another long story) - for her birthday treat snack. Instead, I got the frowned-upon frosted sprinkle cookies. You know, the REALLY icky ones that leave crap all over the carpet? Hopefully this will go by unnoticed so that I won't have to give her the "you ungrateful little ... kid" speech at 7 am in the morning.

Daisy update! AT did a lovely job today of not sticking her foot in her mouth EVEN THOUGH there where 2 great big wide openings in which to insert a humorous pagan gods/goddess comment at the start up meeting. Way to go AT !

10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 7 more days until fall break!

OK, I was going to update my blog, but thanks to MC I've been ring shopping through the site! Now I've blown my morning! Well, at least the count down is up,


and the only thing I was chastised about was the word "farts"

Saturday, September 15, 2007

What's More Fun than a Bus load of 4th Graders?

What's More Fun than a Bus load of 4th Graders?
A bus load of 4th graders going to the Capitol and Molly Brown house with me on it!

With child like wonder, I was able to enjoy what almost amounted to a day off, be inspired with Victorian decorating ideas, reminisce about hearing the Molly Brown story for the first time as a girl, and brush up on my Colorado history; all in one day.
Last years field trips were alittle more . . .lively?, panicy?, worriridden?, harrowing.
My how my job has changed with the moving away of one family.

Monday, September 10, 2007

GO Broncos!

Denver has rabid Bronco fans. Maybe that's why I usually ignore the whole football thing. That and having girls, and being blessed with a husband who could careless too. That being said, we went to a Bronco party to watch the game this weekend and it was really fun! It's so much more interesting when there's a room full of people cheering or booing.

So now I'm going to give myself a little pep talk. It's time to get it in gear. I didn't go for a walk this morning - that was a missed opportunity! Get your butt out of bed tomorrow - if your lucky enough to have the hub home, and just go. Now at lunch, you need to wrap and hide Caitlin's stuff, and put the other 4 birthday presents away somewhere and lock the door!
  • (The story behind this would be the girls taking one of the webkinz out - that we bought for the half dozen upcoming birthdays - leaving it unattended and the dog chewed it up. While I wasn't looking for a whole ten seconds.)
Or, maybe you should go to the library and study. You can start that tomorrow. OK, get upstairs and get the fire started under those girlies - breakfast isn't going to make itself. MOVE MOVE MOVE. Did I sound like coach Shanahan? That's ok, he reminds me of GWBush, only alittle more professional... and leather saddle bag tan these days. wow

Oh, and to all you slacker bloggers out there - get to it! Those posts aren't going to type themselves.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007

Just Working on my Inner Eye Roll

I don't really have anything to say, nothing new to report. It really is much easier just to go visit everyone else's conversations - and keep updated that way. (Congratulations AT! - 16 comments has to be the record!)

I'm tired, glad it's the weekend. I have a fun, practical joker, co-worker; who I'm teaching the finer points of the Inner Eye Roll too. She may start her own blog named Straight from the Boohickie. Tales from the Boohickie. OK, maybe you had to be there.
Tomorrow we have early morning soccer games to go to, I need to go read my The Power of Their Ideas book.
We had family game night, (played Blokus 2x's - I have Kevin hooked now that I beat him a couple of times. It brings out my inner German. - Oh golly, you should have seen Ping Pong at my house growing up. My otherwise mild mannered parents would become ultra competitive. Maybe we should get one of those next.)

I had my 2nd week of grad. school, where I learned all sorts of research facts, including that you no longer double space after a period (the computer is smart enough to space it appropriately for you.) And, Underlining titles, because of the internet age, is out. Italics is in! And somehow I found this all very interesting. Really.

Now I've been advised by my power of positive thinking friend that I NEED to go bigger with my visualizations. So, even though the yurt can be up to 2ooo square feet, I'm starting to see it turn into my little art studio. (See the skylight band on the top? Very cool. ) Now a house is starting to appear in the background. I can't quite make it out yet because I'm still so in love with my Yurt. . . but I'm making room for reality.

Yes Dodi, there's a bathroom. And, a cozy little fireplace. I still love my yurt. Night night

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I Have a Dream

Lately, I've been obsessing about moving to the mountains when we retire. Probably because it's not very financially possible. Anyhow, I've decided that it is something worth working toward either way. I love the mountains. I even love the s word. Anyhow, part of my mental making it a do-able scheme is that we could build something ourselves.

Enter the Yurt.

They're actually a trendy new cabin
and are considered portable. Nomads invented them, wealthy Americans perfected them to be "earth homes". Gather your own water in a cistern, use a little stove and lots of insulation. . . I bet it would be a comfy little cabin in the mountains, but I'd probably grow weary of even the largest of yurts were I to actually permanently live in one. Probably more something you'd stay in while you built a real home.

However, in my mind, I picture living in the yurt. Sort of like the tents in the Harry Potter books. I walk inside to find my dream home; spacious and non-yurty. One of the other draw backs to the reality part of the plan is that I'm probably better suited for the city or at least the suburbs. Where would all the sister wives and their families stay when they came to visit me when I realize I'm lonely and bored out of my mind up in the mountains!?!

We are cleaning. Date night tonight. My sock draw is organized, so I'm ready to rock and roll. Oh, and my lie was that I've been sky diving. I'd go in a second, but it's too pricey if I want to get the magical Yurt!

Happy Labor Day Weekend yall!