Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fashionably Challenged? Me?

Today we went shopping at Kohls, because it's one of those something for everyone places, and what the heck is going on with womens / girls clothes!?! We were mostly looking for the tall one as she has 2 outfits that still fit her, and we're browsing, and I'm thinking, hmm, this are kinda cute, I guess, maybe she better try this on cuz I don't get it.... I look at the tag, and lo - and behold, it was a little maternity smock (that I thought was a kids dress). Somehow, the best place for the maternity section was between the toys and the girls clothes. I felt kind of silly until I saw almost the exact same shirt/dress/top/thing over in the girls section as a short dress you apparently have to wear leggings with. CRAZY looking stuff out there!

I played Barbie head with the girlies today, and they let me. Abi normally won't sit still long enough for this nonsense, and Cat flat out refuses - but today I had success. It almost makes it worse knowing how cute they could look all the time if I just had enough time and a maybe some mutton busting experience!

I've been between semesters for a whole week at Regis and it has been heavenly. The teacher I work for was nominated for the Golden Heart Award on Friday, lots of family time with Kevin - (he's got to be out of town next week - so he had Friday off) , soccer games on saturday, fun dinner group with friends I feel like we hardly ever see on Saturday, and a restful family day on Sunday. I almost feel ready for Monday! ( and it's only 39 more school days until summer - can you stand it!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Can I hear an AMEN!!

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Wordless Thursday

I'm still trying with the bulbs. Not my forte.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here I am again

Procrastination and learned helplessness, no wait. It's a self handicapping thing for motivation? What was that Confabulation bit again? That was memories that people completely make up, and yet are completely certain of their validity. I didn't want to forget that one. It's also a great made-up replacement for a swear word. Better if yelled with a southern drawl, as you slam something down. . .

what was I doing again? Oh yes, writing the paper. Maybe I could run up to home depot real quick. Get me one of them fabric save the earth bags and some paint combo insirations, because I'm painting my bedroom and the livingroom. . . I mean studying. I'm finishing my paper.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Super Soccer Saturday

pictures to follow... or not!

Use your imagination though, cute girls, blue and white, green fields, warm windy day. I'm single mom this weekend. Not the most fun way to finish the big paper.

Pictureless Period.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I think I've crossed the line

I think I've crossed the line indicating SERIOUS procrastination.
Funny, that is sort of what the paper I'm (supposed to be) writing is about.
Learned Helplessness. Maybe my paper should be called Self Induced Anti-Motivation.

The reason I know I'm now actively procrastinating is: I've been playing my daughters webkinz world for the last hour. Really, I went on just to get them out of bed, and see if they would all go in the pool together.
(I thought it would be funny for C to find them that way next time she logs on - I hope they don't drown if you forget about them - eek!)
They won't all go in the pool at the same time, in case you are interested. So, I bought a couple of games for them to be playing, and a new bench. It's kinda funny, they are all 6 making comments, "whoo hoo", "this is great", "I could do this all day!" etc. I also fed them, apparently no longer something C is interested in doing, judging from how hungry they are, and then of course I had to play alittle cash cow, because I got to level 5 a few times the last time I was on, but I'm really irritated that I can't seem to get past level 4 tonight. (Some people play Worlds of War, I do cash cow2)

So, now I can go study right? But, it's not fair to mess with C's webkinz world and not A's. Maybe they could all be having a slumber party! I can't wait until they squeal about it tomorrow. Soccer games where canceled because of the snow, so I feel I'll be able to catch up.

My goodness, by the way, the Storm soccer league is VERY protective of their feild conditions. (I assume that's the reason, and not that they are just wussies.) When I was a kid you'd sure as heck be out there playing. Of course the feilds were mostly mud by mid season - I guess they are just smarter now.

Day old 1/2 inch of snow never hurt anybody, now get out there and play!
(That's what Nana Papa would say!)

Mission accomplished with A's WWorld.
1/2 are sitting watching the other half in a line dance.
Oh, if I could just get the Bunny Hop to play in the background of Harthart's room, it would be classic! Funny what becomes highly entertaining when you are "exhibiting avoidance behaviors" - blek.


All I have left to do is the quilty part, that you can't really see unless your get up close and personal with it. but for now I must turn my attention to tie dyeing. . . I mean studying. I said studying, right? I think it's small enough to do on the machine, and if not, TZ has offered up the use of her hoop thing, (at the cost of making curtains? - not really - joked about but not specified.)
And here is one of Lilith during yesterdays snow.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Feeling Young Again

So one more thing my visiting friend did while she was here was introduce me to Breves. That's a latte, except with half and half instead of my usual non-fat milk. You know, they really are quite tasty! Ah, once again to be skipping down the path of over-indulgence, vice, hedonism... Don't worry. I can handle it. (Try one, they are fab!)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Flirting with Disaster

OK, I kinda remember it saying something about 14 peices, or was that 1/4 inch stagger. . . or was that just the seam allowance. . . I need to find it soon or I'll have to get back to my observation paper, and nobody wants that!

Here's what I'm doing, I love the fabric, it's all batiks. They have flannels now too.
I just use my new cutting system . . . it was heavenly! OK, I'm gonna go sew some more, without my pattern. Livin' on the edge.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

That felt GOOD!

I'm sure, if you're a parent you've done some version of this at some point... tonight, as I put the girls in the bathtub (apparently they have so much dirt in their ears that they can no longer hear me) a brilliant idea came to me. I went down to the garage and grabbed 2 lawn and leaf bags. Then back up into their DANGEROUSLY cluttered, messed up, you could hide the Loch Ness monster in there-rooms, and bagged it all up! They had no clue. Finally, as it's time for bed;
"Mom, you cleaned my room!"
"Nope, not really - it's all in a trash bag in the storage closet."
"WHAT!" as if I had slapped them in the face. "Where's my this! Where's my that! Where's my other thing!!!" They desperately cried.
"Well, tomorrow if you clean up your room, I'll take you down, and we'll get one thing out of the trash bag. And the next day, if you clean your room again, we'll go down and get another thing," I said.
"Mommy, I'm telling on you, YOU'RE MEAN!" (says Abi, with big sad puppy tears marching off to find Dad)
Later I found Abi had managed to choke back the tears long enough to start straightening up her desk, so she could get a jump on tomorrows chores. Good night, goodnight - "And tell Daddy I'm sorry I spilled his drink!"

So, for 4 days I've been telling them to clean up their room, and for 4 days they've been ignoring me. Now we shall have clean rooms and brushed teeth for at least a week! Then they, and I, will loose interest and move on to the next big thing. But for now, it feels Good!

We had a really fun day today, didn't we!

(per Caitlin). Oh, she sounded just like me when she said it. And it made me think how strongly she will probably reject me in her teenage, identity crisis years. . . Wow! These 8 week courses are intense! Maybe I'm taking my Human Development classes a little to serioiusly!


have fun with kids (check)
work on new quilt (check)
sort threw kids clothes
Article critique
pay bills
clean up my office
get a new bookcase
observation hours
throw out junk in junk draws

rinse, repeat
have fun with kids. . . .

Horton Hears a Who yesterday with Jenni, and Color Me Mine with the Brownie Troop for Cailtin, playing with Becca for Abi. They may be sorely disappointed with todays clean your room and I mean it agenda.