Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Latenight with David Letterman

Probably the only thing that could make Bill Clinton sound like an genius, is 8 years of listening to GWB. hehehe. OF course my bleeding heart-left wing views have me leaning that way anyhow, but Bill does Former President pretty well.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Caitlin Makes an Autobiography

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More college is still college

OOH, somebodies (plural) in a RU class of mine just got their hands slapped for copy/paste-ing. Seems someone else doing the same assignment copy/pasted the exact same think! 2 for 1. Don't they realize that the person who wrote the thing they just copied is just some yahoo and they could probably say it better themselves?

OK - i want to go shopping. I'm doing homework. I have 1 more day of break which I will be spending observing reading groups. Ciao.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Woggling, - gled, -gle, - [w/ah/gl/ing] verb, to not quite jog, not quite walk but woggle at a leisurely, slow pace, esp. as an outdoor exercise: She went woggling this morning to keep in shape. To move up and down, in and out, or to and fro with short, quick jerks while not quite jogging, not quite walking. A jiggling movement. The act of looking absurd or ridiculous while excersicing.

(Woggling is best preformed early in the morning, prefferably in the dark, or at least before the middle school students come out en masse.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday night at the DTC classroom

Tuition for 3 credit hours at Regis University: $1,000.00

Books and supplies: $69.00

Snacks: $2.50

Being bored silly for 4 hours: priceless

That was the note being passed around by the giggling girls in the front row no less! I'm so ashamed of my behavior. Some things never change.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Am I a glass is half empty or half full kinda person?

Here's the test.

I'm home, doing laundry, studying, cleaning AND having a fabulous hair day... is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Pretty easy test.

It's the last week of break. I'm exhausted and the girls are sick to death of each other. Thank goodness we go back next week. (Was that another 1/2 empty, 1/2 full test?)

OK, I'm feeling the need to keep plodding along. Sorry blog world, it was another short visit.

OOOH! but most importantly, I broke my MAGIC NUMBER on the way DOWN the scale. My nemisis number, the axis of evil number, the number that makes loosing the rest of it seem down right plausable. Yeah Me!

Monday, October 06, 2008

I love Halloween

I like the cannibal pumpkin man best..
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Playing Catsup

I'm so impressed with everyone out there dutifully blogging away. I also just ran across a Halloween picture that was on a blog - humming along just fine until October 2006 - When it just stops! Now that's disconcerting. Did he die? Get divorced? Family emergency? Went back to school? Ha! Don't let this happen to you, I said to myself.

Anyway, cliff notes version of September/October thus far:
  • Why does my DD have more money than me? Currently she's walking around with a brand new Nintendo DS, 3 new games, tons of new clothes, $60.00 cash, and $75.00 in un-cashed checks! I have 3 bucks. What's up with that?

  • Happy Birthday Gang (3 of the 6 - wait, 5)

  • Vail was beautiful. We went for a couple of hikes, DD2 officially learned how to ride her bike (although she's been riding the "Pony" bike with training wheels since she could walk, she had a steep learning curve with "Rose", who she is almost to big for now that she's tamed her) round and round at that Betty Ford Alpine Gardens.

  • The best thing about Vail? Dog lovers everywhere. Big Dogs, little dogs, black dogs, white dogs, black and white dogs.

  • While trying to enjoy myself on vacation, I did a 23 page presentation about assistive technology, when a 3 page evaluation check list would have been fine. Oh, the joys of working with a new partner in a graduate school classroom. Maybe I can use it later.

  • Flat Stanley is a good traveling companion.

  • Racquetball is fun! Ab was a giant pink target when the 4 of us where trying to play. Funny stuff, sorry, no pictures.

  • I have a crabby neighbor who hates me, and my little dog too. Apparently "Lilith" barked her fool head off several nights in a row while we were gone. I found an unsigned nasty note telling me how inconsiderate "you people" are. Thanks. Apparently TZ, that's why Lil was so calm and non-barky during the day. She must have been exhausted. I thought about standing outside at 2am and yelling "hello! hello! I just wanted to assure my anonymous thoughtful neighbor that now that we are aware of the barking at night problem, we will be sure to keep her inside. Thank you for the lovely note. OK, good night!"