Sunday, April 29, 2012

One More Time... but much LOUDER!

Grr - can't find an old picture to match - so here's one of Dad singing.

I'm re-recording 2 cassette tapes made in 1973, 1974 by WB Gillis Jr and Unk Bob Gillis - sent to Rob Chaz Schroeder.  Bobbi Balek (Schroeder) found them while going through her dad's things, and sent them back to mom (Roberta Gillis (Schepar)) - who I just heard signing  something like the "I'm my own grandpa song".  I wish the audio was better, but it's a labor of love.  It wasn't very good to begin with (no reflection on the musicians) - and half the fun is hearing the laughter/ conversations going on in the background.  Stirring up memories.  OK - sshhh - 45 minutes to go.  I hope they do Irene Goodnight again.  That seems to be the one everybody knows the words too!

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