Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Olypmics 2012

Having kids who are 10 and 12 to watch the summer Olympics with certainly brings back memories.  Specifically, the 1972 and 1976 Olympics.  I was 7, and then 11 - and I remember Olga Corbet and Nadia Comanici.  I was too young to register anything about the scariness of the Munich games.

We spent both summers back in Washington Iowa at the United Presbyterian Home visiting my Grandparents.  Reverend W Bruce Gillis and Kathryn McCrery Gillis.  They lived in a cottage on the grounds, we would pull the trailer up to the side of the house, Grandpa had a zip line, a hammock, you could ride your bikes all over - even to go see the billy goats. . . It was great.  I remember complaining alot.  (Hot, humid, bugs) And looking at photo albums and visiting all day long. 

I think more usually it was Lawrence Welk, but it was very memorable to have the Olympics to experience together as a family.  that's why it's so annoying when the girls don't really want to watch, or are texting during the opening ceremony!!!! 

Of course I do have a bonus in that the girls dig swimming, so we get to pay attention to that too. 

   When was Marc Spitz?  That was later, I was older - but that's another memory.  And I was very happy to see that Rowan Atkins was still funny.  He hasn't got the way of Chevy Chase and Tim Conway.  The Black Adder still has it!


Martha said...

You've got a better memory than me. I don't recall the '72 Olympics (although I do have a scarf from the Games: family stories are that my aunt and uncle traveled to Germany around that time and my parents watched the cousins. As a thank you, Mom got the scarf, which I now have). During the '76 Olympics, my parents were moving and so I got sent to another relative: another bad memory of being stuck at the table until I drank all my milk (cows milk) and cleaned my plate (meatloaf: ick!). No air conditioning was the cherry on top. Yep, Olympic memories for me are about as happy as a root canal?

tz said...

what a great post...I remember nadia, vaguely...